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CRYSP is a neighborhood-inspired vision for playing fields, walk/bike trails, an outdoor farmer’s market pavilion, river access and other amenities in the north lots of the RFK Stadium complex. This vision addresses a key lack of field space that has left teams packed like sardines into the few spaces that are available nearby Kingman Park, Rosedale, Carver/Langston, and Capitol Hill, and that recognizes the relative lack of green space in this quadrant of DC. The outcome of our advocacy is the first phase of the RFK Campus Redevelopment - specifically the opening of a three field complex in Spring 2019.

Our organization has grown and now includes a host of youth and adult sports organizations that are based in DC along with other civic and environmental organizations and leaders. As this important project comes to fruition, CRYSP is shifting into several new areas - namely developing access and management strategies that can use the new complex to its maximum extent, and advocating for play space in other areas across DC.

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For its first nine years, CRYSP has advocated for field space without conducting any fundraising. With fields coming online, CRYSP will be submitting proposal to be managing partner at the site. This process will incur legal and professional fees. We are looking for community support in our effort to manage the site. We believe we can administer the complex in a fair and equitable way that ensures both local access to fields and community / unprogrammed time. We also hope to develop ways that the complex can be expanded to include additional amenities to support active lifestyles for DC residents. Your donations can help us realize this vision.

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